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Plantation Paper Note B5 5pcs/set

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Material: Plantation Paper
Dimension: 25.2x20cm B5 
Page: 30 Sheets/book (Ruled)
(Limited 10 pieces per order.)

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

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Country of Origin: Indonesia
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  • 100%
    the. freaking. best.
    Yalllll these notebooks are so awesome!!!!!! I go to college and most of my classes are online so I don't need huge notebooks and these are 30 page notebook so they're perfect. They're super light and actually somehow really cute lol. I was worried about the dimensions, that they'd be too small, but they're perfect. oh no nina on youtube has a video 'what's in my backpack ???? college senior :')' where she shows these notebooks so if you want like a closer look or something, check her out. Basically. These are now my favorite notebooks. ever.

  • 100%
    The pages have such a great size and good quality. Great for school as they don't have too many pages. The pages have a nice width between lines and the scored top/bottom lines make it easier to draw lines too.

  • 100%
    really good quality
    the paper isn't too thin and is the ideal size for notes

  • 100%
    These are great for school. Perfect size for a semester, 60 pages front and back. The top is dotted if you need to make charts, and the rest of the lines are dark enough to see, but don't command attention. It lays flat easily and the pages don't drift upward much. The paper is true white and nice and smooth to the touch. The covers aren't as stiff as the notebooks here that you purchase individually, but it's a minor difference. Overall, the best notebooks you'll ever find for less than a dollar a piece!

  • 100%
    great for arch students
    Perfect for note taking, graphic notes, and sketching. Accepts pen and pencil beautifully and doesn't bleed easily, great for architecture students.

  • 100%
    Great product!
    Great quality of paper, simple design, light weight...Best notebook ever!

6 Item(s)

per page
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