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Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm 6PCS Black

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97% of 100

Gel-ink ballpoint pen with a frosted body for writing or drawing. The tip of the pen uses a mechanism to keep the ink from flowing in the reverse direction and drying out. The water-based ink allows for smooth writing and no bleeding through papers. It also produces bright colors. This set contains 6 pieces.

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Product Detail
SKU# 4550002108946
Material Polypropylene
Dimension 14cm
Nib 0.38mm
Color Black
Contents 6 pieces
Country·Region of Origin Japan
Customer Review

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  • 100%
    Best Pens Ever
    These are our favorite pens! I ordered some to put in my husbands stocking. They make great gifts, or good for everyday use.

  • 100%
    My favorite pens ever!
    Write so smooth it makes note taking a pleasure!

  • 93.333333333333%
    Smoothest Pen I've Ever Written With
    I placed an order on these pens a little while ago, because I've been hearing a lot about how nicely they write, and how detailed to can get with them. Immediately when I used one I could tell the difference in the quality of item. It's a great pen, at a decent price and I would recommend to anyone who is looking to reform their writing style into a neater and tinier manner.

  • 100%
    My forever go-to pen!
    No pens out there rival these ones. Whenever I'm working, this is always the pen I go to. They're also fabulous gifts for other stationery lovers.

  • 100%
    My Favourite Pens
    I love these pens. They're cheap and write very smoothly. I tend to write in cursive and find that a lot of thinner pens are almost scratchy, annoying to use and make it harder to write neatly. However, these pens write very nicely and are an amazing price for the quality you're getting.

  • 80%
    Great pen
    This pen is great. I have poor penmanship, but this pen's fine tip helps to make my handwriting more legible. It also comes in handy when doing calculus or statistics when you have to write out complex formulas because, with it being so thin, you are able to easily read the formulas and functions you have written.

  • 100%
    A pretty wicked deal
    I write in a small notebook, barely larger than my palm, so I need pens small enough to write. If I use pens that are too large in diameter the cursive tends to blend into an illegible ink blob. These are a nice inbetween for me since it's small enough to read but not too small that it easily breaks (although that's a problem that can be avoided with enough patience and care). What really has me going about these pens is that they write extremely smoothly. Occasionally, it gets really cold or I'll accidentally leave the pen uncapped and I'll find that it doesn't write as well or at all. That's no problem though. I just unscrew the bottom of the pen, set aside the barrel, and run the ink chamber under hot water (I use my sink) or submerge it in hot water (don't run the ballpoint tip under water). Then I wipe the end of it with tissue or write 2-3 streaks along paper to get out any ink blobs that formed from buildup. These are a wicked good deal for the amount it comes in and the price they're set at. In an ideal world where I didn't leave my pens at work or lose them just about everywhere I go, this pack would last me over a year.

  • 100%
    True Disruptor
    These pens changed the way I felt about writing. They are superior on a level you would not believe until you experience it. I wish I was exaggerating because after a year it still pains me that Office Depot doesn't carry these. You heard it here first, Muji will take America by storm. So happy this website is now a thing, thank you Muji! ^_^ I haven't had to buy these in a year (I bought 2 twelve packs on amazon) so I am super happy I can get it straight from the source.

  • 100%
    The quality of these pens are unbelievable. They last so long!! And the price is reasonable - in fact it's too good to be true!

    (no im not a 30 year old im half of that)

9 Item(s)

per page
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