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Jute My Bag A3 Raw White

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A simple bag that can be many things.

Product Detail
SKU# 4550182716085
Material Body: Jute 100%
Handle: Cotton 72%, Polyester 22%, Viscose (UK)/Rayon (US) 6%
Dimension A3 36.5x46x22 (Approx. 14.4"x18.2"x8.7")
Country┬ĚRegion of Origin India
Additional Information
  • This product is interfused with plant material due to the nature of the material. Colouration that looks like staining may occur in light-colored products.
  • Discoloration can be caused by direct sunlight and fluorescent light.
  • Please note that the natural color of this product is used, with no bleaching or dyeing. The color therefore varies depending on the raw material.
  • Avoid washing as doing so may cause the product to become misshapen.
  • Please note that depending on storage and usage conditions, deterioration of strength, stickiness, and changes in appearance may occur.
  • Be careful not to rub or scratch the back side with a pointed object. The surface coating can peel off, or the pinhole can widen to cause a leakage of light.
  • If this item gets dirty, remove stains by dabbing gently with a firmly wrung out towel or similar, then dry in a shaded and well- ventilated area.

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