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PET Cylinder Spray Bottle 12ml

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Fill it up with desired toner or face mist. Accessible at all times. Perfect size for the plane.

*Do not put perfume, nail polish remover, or anything contains alcohol in this product.
Product Detail
SKU# 4549337461475
Material PET
Dimension Dia. 2.1x8.4cm
Volume 12ml
Heat Tolerance 60℃
Cold Tolerance -20℃
Country・Region of Origin Japan

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  • 100%
    Great for toner—and you don’t need to bring cotton pads
    I use this for toner and it’s good for shorter trips (maybe up to 2 weeks at most). The best part is, by spraying and gently patting the product into my face with my hands, I don’t need to bother with bringing separate cotton pads. Seems like there’s less waste this way, too.

1 Item

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