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Stackable Polywood Low Table Oak Set

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A convenient furniture set that can be used as a low table or a stool. The set can be stacked and put away easily. The triangular design allows it to fit into the corner space to avoid waste of storing space. The product contains 1 L low table and 1 S low table.

  • Limited 1 set per order.
  • No Express, US Domestic only. (No Canada/HI/PR/AK) Orders will be cancel if an area is not deliverable

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Product Detail
Sku# 4549738755760
Material Body: Natural Wood Laminated Plywood (Oak Veneer)
Surface Treatment: Urethane Resin Coating
Dimension L: W55.6 x D37.7 x H39.8cm (W21.9"xD14.8"xH15.7")
S: W47.4 x D30.7 x H31.8cm (W18.7"xD12.1"xH12.5")
Weight L: Approx. 5kg
S: Approx. 3kg
Weight Capacity L: Approx. 20kg
S: Approx. 20kg
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