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*Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

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The diffuser uses the ultrasonic wave to effectively diffuse and disperse a fragrant mist around the room. The diffuser has 2 adjustable LED light level and 4 different set of timers.


Product Detail
Material Polypropylene, ABS Resin
Dimension Dia.8 x H14cm (Dia.3.1" x H5.5")
Power Cord Length 170cm (66.9")
Weight 220g
Volume Max 100mL
Power Source Input: AC100-240V
Power Consumption: 32W
Other Information
  • Recommend for room size: 100-133 sq.ft. Room Temperature 60 to 80°F
  • 4 Timer Phrase wit Maximum duration of 3 Hours.(30/60/120/180min)
  • 2 Light Settings
Country of Manufacture China

*This product can only be used within USA domestic, Canada and Hawaii. Please follow instruction manual for usage.

Customer Review

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  • 86.666666666667%
    I haven't had this for a few years because it was misplaced in the move. I cannot wait to have it again! I know it's going to remind me of my old apartment. The smells are so soothing and refreshing. I just love how it feels so clean yet so fragrant.

  • 100%

  • 80%
    a little noisy
    This diffuser works great. It does exactly what it says it does. The only problem, and the reason I returned it , is that it makes a trickling, gurgling sound constantly when on. Not a nice consistent white noise, but a trickling water noise because the water in the tank is constantly being agitated. . If you enjoy that and many do then great, but if not,and you are sensitive to noises, just know that it is not silent. And therefore very distracting when trying to fall asleep. But like I said , it does work great.

  • 86.666666666667%
    does not really do the work
    I bought this small diffuser alone with the Jasmine essential oil, the whole thing together I have to say looks pretty decent and functions quietly. the LED light is also adjustable and the vapor comes out right away, no need to wait, that's really cool. I have been using it for a week and to tell the truth i dont see its value. the scent is way too light to be noticed in my 100 square feet room, im not sure if it was the oil itself like it's supposed to be light, but it can't be that light that i can't even feel anything. what do i need it if i dont feel it's existing at all. I tried put more drops of oil like 4-5 drops in 100 ml water, but it turns out the same result. Anyway, im keeping it cause i don't feel like returning stuff. should i try some other oil???

  • 100%
    cute N white
    so tiny and so good.

  • 100%
    Love this Powerhouse Diffuser
    I don't often write reviews, but I just want you to know how much I love your ultrasonic aroma diffuser. And how much my husband and his colleagues do, too. They had one running at a conference in a huge room, and people kept coming up to them and asking where they got it and what it was. Consequently, they are going to buy more units, and I am, too--for my home, my office, and for friends.

    We have been using essential oil blends from aurelialex.com in your diffuser, and the combination of both is a powerhouse. My friends from Aurelialex asked me for the link to the diffuser for referrals. And I was thinking that Muji should consider carrying their amazingly powerful, high-quality oils; they are peerless.

    Here's the link to their site: http://aurelialex.com.

    I'm also very happy to know that this diffuser is available for EU outlets as well, so I can share this with my friends in the EU.

    And did I mention how easy it is to use and that it's practically self-cleaning? All you have to do is wipe out the reservoir with a damp cloth or paper towel and rinse out the top. No scrubbing!

    Thank you again for this amazingly powerful diffuser!

  • 93.333333333333%
    Does more than what the description says
    This does everything described above, and then some. There are 3 different settings for the lamps (high, low and off) and a timer with 30-minute increments (up to 3 hours).

    This device is fantastic. It really fills up a room quickly, though the scent is not overpowering (I realize this also has to do with the type of essential oils you use.) It beats scented candles and sticks "haut la main".

7 Item(s)

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